Make Your Own Pokemon Card – How to

You wanted to know how to make your own Pokemon Card. So here it is.

Pokemon has remained popular since its creation, and now people are seeking a new way to create their own ideas of what Pokemon are and should look like. There are several ways to make your own Pokemon cards both by hand and digitally. Here are two really great methods you can use to make your own Pokemon card!

Make Your Own Pokemon Card By Hand

Make Your Own Pokemon Card

Make your own Pokemon card like the people who won an original Illustrator Pikachu!

For this method, you’ll need cardstock paper, glue, a pen/thin marker, a computer, scissors, and a ruler. It’s a pretty simple process, so here we go!

The first step is to cut your card base; the first layer. For this, take out your ruler. Measure 63 by 88 millimeters (width by length). If you don’t like millimeters, the inches conversion is 2.48 by 3.645 inches. You are free to alter the size of the card by making it bigger, but keep in mind how much you’ve increased it by so that your later measurements are accurate.

Next, search the internet for a Pokemon symbol and position it on the top right. You can also draw your own symbol – it’s up to you how professional you want it to look.

The next step is to create the image that will go inside the smaller box on the top half of the card. Upload your drawing or pull up your digital file, and print it out. Make sure the dimensions are 60 by 38 millimeters, or 2.362 by 1.496 inches. Remember: if you made your card slightly bigger, these dimensions have to proportionally increase.

Take out your glue now and stick your printed out image onto the card; make sure that it’s about 1 centimeter from the top of the card.

The next step involves writing legibly! Use your ruler if you’re concerned about keeping your words straight. In the top left corner of the card, carefully write the name of your Pokemon just above the image. Next to that, write the HP (Hit Points) value. This ranges from 10 to 200, so choose whatever suits your creature!

The next step is to add the symbols to your card. You can either print them out to scale or draw them yourself. These symbols represent the element of your creature’s attacks. If the attack is electric, draw the electric symbol and then add the damage level next to the attack symbol. Write the description for your attacks underneath the element and damage. You can of course use moves that already exists, but feel free to create your own!

Now come the fine details: add weaknesses, resistances and retreat costs to the bottom of the card. Underneath weaknesses, write how much more effective something is against your card. For example; if a ground element attack causes double the damage, write “x2”.

Apply the same concept underneath resistance, and then set your retreat cost. This is how much it costs to remove your Pokemon from the field. Cost and strength are connected; if the Pokemon is strong, the cost is high and visa versa. A Pokemon’s strength is rated by a star system, from 1 to 3 stars.

Now you’re done! Choose a colored cardstock if you want, and add anything else you think will make your card more interesting or unique. Other than that, you now have your very own hand made Pokemon card!

Make Your Own Pokemon Card Digitally

Not all of us are arts and crafty, however. Though, that doesn’t mean we don’t want our own Pokemon cards, right? There are solutions to this; it’s incredibly easy to make a digital version of your own original Pokemon card. There are several places to go to make your own card. All you’ll need is a scanner, a printer, and an image to insert.

Before jumping onto a Pokemon Card Maker website though, you have to do the prep work. A good way to make sure everything is accurate (if that’s what you’re going for), is to head over to the official Pokemon website. You can then select ‘Card Info’, located on the lower right of the web page. Here you’ll find the card database, which offers information on cards. Using this, either create your own stats or copy them from an existing card. Make sure that you’ve included everything: name, HP, attack, weakness, resistance, retreat cost, strength, etc.

After you’ve decided what all of your content is, you can take it even further and test your stats against an actual deck to see whether or not it works in sync with them.

After you’ve finalized everything, go find a Pokemon Card Maker website and use their template. Fill out the data for your own Pokemon card, and again reconfirm that everything’s correct.

Next, scan the picture you want to use or pull the file from your computer. Save it and put it in an easily accessible place (on your desktop, perhaps?). Return to Pokemon card website and upload your image, then hit ‘submit’. Once your card appears, you can right click on it and save the image of the card to your desktop or anywhere you want to put it.

Finally, print out the card in color on regular print paper, photographic paper or colored card. Cut away the excessive paper until your card is down to size. If you want to use the card in your deck, you can slip your new card into a plastic sleeve with a regular Pokemon card behind it or glue it onto the front of an existing, low value card.

Furthermore, if you continue to design more and more cards, you’ll be able to create your own pokemon card deck.

It’s a lot easier than it might seem to make your own Pokemon card. Whether it’s just an activity to do with your kids or friends, or an addition to your existing deck of cards, there are several options that you have. Explore making your own creatures, re-doing existing creatures, or even creating yourself as a Pokemon!

Finally, have fun, enjoy yourself, and let your creativity flourish! But remember, if you make a card either by hand or on the computer to print out, it’s not an official Pokemon card. If you’re thinking about getting away with using your new cards in official tournaments, think again. These are strictly for your own personal uses.