Pokemon EX Cards

Over the decades the Pokemon Trading Card game has expanded through many generations and series, with one of the more recent ones being the Pokemon EX collection.

The Pokemon EX series kicked off with the EX Ruby and Sapphire set and has now expanded through 16 generations to the newest set, EX Power Keepers.

How are the Pokemon EX series different to the previous series, you may be asking yourself. Well, simply put they are more powerful. Pokemon EX cards come with additional attacks, a higher power level in comparison to cards from previous series, multiple weaknesses and resistances. Though this additional power comes at a cost, one that may be too much for some Pokemon Trainers to handle. If your Pokemon EX card is defeated, you lose not one, but two prize cards!

Pokemon EX Cards of Note

Skarmory EX

The steel type Pokemon Skarmory brings a new Poke-body to the table, which allows you to land 3 damage counters on a Pokemon who is retreated with 40+ HP. This goes hand in hand with Skarmory’s other ability, Whirlwind, which at the cost of two colorless energy cards, forces your opponents defending Pokemon to be switched with a benched Pokemon card.

Flygon EX

Flygon EX brings some serious defensive capabilities to your deck. Flygon has a Poke-body that allows you to discard up to 4 cards from your hand in order to prevent 10 HP damage per card discarded. On top of this already overpowered defense, Flygon also has double resistances and an insanely useful free retreat cost.

Blastoise δ

This card brings back so much nostalgia and along with all of those great memories, a fantastic Poke-body. Blastoise’s Poke-body, Shield Veil allows you to remove all weaknesses from your active Pokemon! This Pokemon card couples its strong defensive capabilities with a hard hitting Skull Bash attack.

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